Boost was launched in 1985 as a tough coconut and caramel bar, coated in chocolate. It was then relaunched in a further two variants: a peanutversion with peanut butter (yellow wrapper) and a biscuit version. The coconut version is no longer available. The peanut variant is now called a Starbar. Starbar originally existed before peanut Boost but was taken off the market and rebranded. Then they changed their mind and rebranded it as Starbar again. The biscuit version is now the standard Boost bar. A further version was launched in the UK in 2002[1] with a green wrapper: this contained guarana; was marketed alongside the biscuit Boost; and advertised with the slogan "Boost Guarana: One Step Ahead".

For a while Boost was advertised on television by comedy duo Reeves and Mortimer. This led to the unconventional advertising slogan "It's slightly rippled with a flat under-side."

In Ireland, Miriam Rynne attempted to convince people that Boost bars are known as Moro bars. A peanut Moro bar is part of the range. In 2007 there was a limited-edition coconut Moro on sale in Ireland.

The Boost bar has been released in New Zealand under the popular Moro brand as Moro Gold.

In 2009 the Boost packaging was redesigned and now includes the Cadbury name on the front. Also the Boost Duo was launched; two smaller Boost bars in one wrapper.

Late in 2010, the Boost Stix bar introduced to Australian consumers, and is a finger bar much like a Mars Twix.

An attempt was made to launch an "Original Boost" fan club by Boost expert Paul Donaghy in 2012 amidst claims that Boosts on sale currently don't contain biscuit.

Ps. Will give you energy!